Sarasota Herald-Tribune Article

The the feature article of the Sunday, September 16 issue of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune is titled “Greyhounds Bred to Race, Retrained to Mend Lives” and is about the capabilities and uses of retired greyhound dogs.

Specifically, it addresses prison training, the effects on inmate trainers, the impact of greyhound service dogs, and especially the capabilities of the breed.  It should give readers a glimpse into the types of success stories we see firsthand.  And most of all, it clearly demonstrates the capabilities that most people just don’t know greys possess.

The online article, linked above, also contains a photo gallery and video.  Each of these is well done and augments the story.  These are the kind of stories that the Greyhound Advancement Center wants to continue to communicate to the public.  Give it a look, and we encourage you to comment.

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