We Work as an Alliance with Greyhound Adoption Groups

The Greyhound Advancement Center works as an alliance with greyhound tracks, farms, transport, rescue and adoption groups, etc. to facilitate placement into loving homes.   We  assist adoption groups by providing training and temporary placement, marketing, grant assistance, cross-communication, creative programs, etc. for greyhounds.

We have begun this effort in the Tampa, St Petersburg, and Sarasota areas.   As we become established, we will extend our effort into other communities who have an interest in developing their own program or participating.

Training Will Enhance Greyhound Placements

The Greyhound Advancement Center will:

  • Work closely with greyhound adoption groups to find loving and qualified homes for the Greyhounds and enhance the adoption process through our value added programs.
  • Allow greyhound adoption groups to sponsor dogs being placed in obedience training programs (prison, truancy, corporate, etc.) for adoption.
  • Facilitate the placement of greyhounds through training.  Deliver obedience trained greyhounds to the community.  As the skills of the inmate trainers develop and they develop experience, we will provide service dog training for specialized tasks.  Some public access training may be provided through work release programs and/or volunteers in the community.
  • Provide a network of prison foster homes for greyhounds including temporary housing, when necessary.  This may be beneficial during seasonal track closings, for greyhounds that have been returned for one reason or another, or while waiting to find their forever home.
  • Greyhound prison Boot Camp will allow greyhounds to refresh their skills.  We welcome all greyhounds into boot camp, regardless of whether they have participated in obedience training programs in the past or not.  This is an ideal option for greyhound owners when they are travelling and need to board their greyhound.
  • A Community Outreach Program allows our trainers to work with greyhounds and their families in the community to maintain obedience training.
  • Promote harmony and teamwork among all rescue groups of the worldwide Greyhound community, assisting organizations outside the immediate area with starting up their own prison training programs when necessary.
  • Educate the public and raise awareness about the availability and suitability of retired racing Greyhounds as companions, therapy dogs and service dogs.

The Greyhound Advancement Center has the ability to access greyhounds at the prison facility during the week and also on Saturday and Sunday.  On occasion, drop-offs may be required after-hours.  All drop-offs and pickups must be arranged in advance with the Greyhound Advancement Program Director so staff is prepared for the arrival of the greyhounds.  The number of volunteers working inside the prison will be limited and must have background checks.

We strongly urge rescue groups involved with the program to actively participate on the Advisory Board.