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Thank you for considering adopting a retired racing Greyhound from our greyhound obedience prison training program. We at the Greyhound Advancement Center (GAC) feel strongly that these Greyhounds, having worked hard for their owners and trainers, deserve to live out their lives after their racing careers in good homes. We want our adopters to fully understand and appreciate the emotional, physical, and financial commitments of responsible pet ownership as it relates to Greyhound adoption. The following application is intended to aid both you and GAC in deciding if you and your family are adequately prepared to provide a good fit for our former racers. Please be as complete the following as accurate as possible.



12 thoughts on “Apply for Adoption

  1. Joanne called me as I had left her a message, I spoke to Bill sharpstein from goldcoast greyhounds,and I want to get one of the trained dogs from the Hardee Correction Center.

    Thank You

    Martha Gill


    Thank You

    Martha Gill

    • Martha,

      Since I had Corgis most of my life I also had more than a male at a time (one intacked) . Corgi males did better together than some of my girls. (Something about dogs drool and bitches rule!)

      My only dog , male is Cole who is a very sweet greyhound and gets along with entire neighborhood.

      2 male greyhounds work possibly? )

      • Valerie,

        We would be happy to help you find a greyhound suitable for you who will forever leave a paw print on your heart. Thank you for your app. Let us know if we can answer any questions.

    • We are very excited for you as you search for a greyhound who will forever leave a paw print on your heart! We forwarded your application to the Bay Area Adoption Group who will help you find a greyhound suitable for your family. They should be following up with you soon!

  2. I am so excited to receive a response . I am a nurse that works with dementia patients and would love to own a dog that would be able to visit with these patients . Our family is looking forward to a new addition 🙂

    • We did not receive your application via our email. Did you send your application directly to Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions or Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions? They are our adoption partners.

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