GAC Note Cards

We have designed a package of beautiful greyhound note cards.  This includes an assortment of six cards with envelopes.  We request a $12 donation for this set.  Please add $2 if we need to ship the cards to you. You may use our website to submit payment which has our PayPal link on the “How You Can Help” page.  Be sure to include the name and address where you would like the cards delivered.

4 thoughts on “GAC Note Cards

  1. I made an $18.00 donation to PayPal please send 2014 calendar to:
    Jason Funk 168693
    Hardee C.I. F-3101
    Bowling Green, FL 33834-8976

  2. I am a diagnosed Bipolar with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I am looking for a calm and gentle therapy companion. How do I go about getting a therapy pet? Btw, I barely weigh 100 lbs. so, a large companion may not be the best. 😊

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