Training Program

Hardee Correctional Training Program

  • Basic Training: Greyhound Companion Dogs
    Our greyhound companion dogs are obedience trained in the basic commands: sit, stay, down, come, shake, etc.   They make ideal family pets and are ready to move into their new forever home once they graduate from their obedience training program.  You should practice their commands to keep up with their skills learned in prison.
  • Advanced Training: Greyhound Therapy Dogs
    Greyhound Therapy Dogs Make a Difference
    Therapy Dogs have proven their value in providing companionship and consolation to the elderly and disabled population.A retired greyhound has many traits that make him/her an ideal therapy dog in an institutional setting both by nature and because of their prior life experience.  They have been handled by multiple humans their entire life, and are accustomed to ‘change of shifts’ and easily adapt to new sounds.  They have a gentle nature and are an easy breed to maintain and care for on a daily basis.  Greyhounds are tall enough to be accessible to virtually all people no matter their form of mobility while keeping all paws on the ground.  Greyhounds are happy in this kind of retirement and thankful for the new lives they touch.Greyhound Advancement Center Therapy Dogs are Confident Greyhounds
    At the Greyhound Advancement Center, our greyhounds have trained in basic obedience and tested with the Greyhound Good Citizen Test.  They are trained to meet Therapy Dog standards and tested with the Greyhound Advancement Center Therapy Dog Test.  Our greyhounds are trained with full exposure to wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers, etc.  Greyhounds by nature and training can easily be kept away from people who prefer not to be in close proximity.  Our greyhounds may be trained for additional commands specific to a program.  For example, going to a specific location and laying down indefinitely.    We select dogs with confidence and control by both nature and training.Therapy Dogs are Ideal for a Private Home or Other Institution
    Therapy Dogs are excellent candidates for a private home, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Units, Rehabilitation Centers, etc.   Visiting therapy dog programs have drawbacks of logistics, irregular scheduling, and inconsistent results and behavior.  Consider adopting a therapy dog for your home or organization.

Therapy Dogs are an Easy Fit in an Institution
Therapy Dog activities can be timed to the staff’s and institution’s activities schedule and can be available based upon the patients’ and staff’s schedule or around the clock. Staff familiarity can enhance the patient experience with the therapy dog.  Anyone familiar with memory units will realize that the dogs’ value is often higher in the evening than during the business day.  The presence of the dogs and their patient benefits show well to prospective residents, and draw attention to the patient experience.

Greyhound Therapy Dogs are easy to feed, have minimal exercise requirements, virtually no grooming requirements and require just four quick walks per day.  Here are some of the basic requirements in an institutional setting:

    • A 4’ x 6’ dedicated space with mat or cushion for each dog as its place and bed
    • Staff is required to walk the dog at least 4 times per day as bathroom breaks
    • Feeding of approximately 2 cups of food twice per day
    • Minimal staff training of fewer than a dozen commands, provided at turnover
    • We recommend 2 dogs for most institutions, with a dog dedicated to a Memory Unit if applicable

This is a program that helps the greyhounds, the inmates who train them, the residents, staff and the facility.  Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a Greyhound Therapy Dog or would like to adopt a therapy dog or would like more information

  • Service Dogs: Greyhound PTSD Dogs
    Not all disabilities are visible.  Perhaps you are visiting us because of an unmet mental health need for you or someone you know.  If a person suffering from PTSD truly loves dogs, then we may be able to help.  We are able to train service dogs for the mind.Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a Service Dog or are in need of a service dog.
  • Boot Camp
    Whether your greyhound needs to learn basic manners, a refresher in obedience commands or more advanced commands, our skilled trainers provide a positive learning environment for your greyhound.
  • Boarding
    Regardless of whether your greyhound is interested in obedience training or not, your greyhound is welcome to visit for rest and relaxation while you need to be away.  Your greyhound will receive round the clock care and will be well cared for.  Consider this option for keeping your greyhound safe and in good hands while you are away.