3 thoughts on “Session 14 April 2015

  1. This program is very good for the imates . My father Atom , is in this program an he loves it . In every letter I have received from him he’s always talking about this program an the greyhound he is training . I really think this program is putting them on the right direction . Thank you for giving the imates this program . I really admire what y’all are doing .

    • Thank you for your input. We are committed to the inmate trainers as much as we are to the greyhounds in our program and the families who are adopting the greyhounds. This is a win-win situation for all as we produce companion, therapy and service dogs in training. Like other trainers, your father has been certified as a dog trainer through the Greyhound Advancement Center. Dog trainer certification requires more than 32 weeks of behavioral and obedience training under the direction of our dog trainer.

      Your father did an excellent job training Copper, our greyhound, who we recently adopted. He is currently training Rock, a tripawd, who will become a therapy dog at a school for children with disabilities in Port Charlotte. After Rock graduates, when Rock goes to school each day with her parents, she will demonstrate her abilities, not her disability.

      • That’s amazing my father is taking this opportunity very serious . He’s wanting to take this farther when he gets released . Thanks again !!!

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